Welcome to The Good Repair!

Hi! I'm Laura McQueen, Nutritional Therapy Practitioner (NTP), and founder of The Good Repair.

I help athletes improve their performance by becoming fat-adapted so that they can race longer, faster, and continue to be healthy and active for the rest of their life.


Let me show you ways to be smarter about fueling for your performance, recovery, and everyday life.

I'm an athlete who has spent many years trying to understand my own body's nutritional needs when performance & recovery were the name of the game. I'm a marathoner, former triathlete (although you might question that since I can't swim to save my live), and currently I've spent the past 5 years sitting on a road bike and lifting heavy shit by way of crossfit and RP strength templates. Yes, this means biking in freezing cold wet weather here in the Pacific Northwest (thank you Seattle!). What doesn't kill you makes you stronger, right?

All of the activity that I do is very demanding & stressful on the body. My goal has always been to find healthy ways to strengthen & nourish my body for the activities (stressors) that I enjoy. I've been eating a paleo diet for 5+ years now. I absolutely love paleo & I would encourage you all to give it a try. To keep it simple, paleo is eating clean and caring about how your food is sourced. As an athlete, cutting out gluten and dairy did wonders for my body, performance, & recovery. Pain, soreness, and fatigue no longer stand in the way of my training, race days, or daily activities.

Knowing how to properly fuel your body for life's demands is such a big piece of the puzzle.
With nutritional therapy I can show you how to tweak your daily food habits to increase performance and get results. I will help to identify nutritional deficiencies in your diet and adjust accordingly with food and supplementation to help you reach your goals.