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Initial Consultation

60 minutes
In person or virtual

We will gather current health & nutrition information, discuss health concerns, nutrition goals, and create a game plan to make you successful!

  • Food journal review
  • Nutritional questionnaire review
  • New nutrition & supplementation protocol
  • Healthy lifestyle additions to make you successful

Ask me any questions you have! I'm here to support you and help keep you focused and on track to meet your goals.

Functional Exam

60 - 90 minutes
In person

We will gather current clinical health information of you from a foundational focused exam in areas such as Digestion, Mineral Balance, Essential Fatty Acids, Blood Sugar Regulation, and Hydration

  • A new personalized nutrition & supplementation protocol based off of your exam that will support your current health needs
  • Actionable steps to take towards short term and long term goals

With any protocol you have unlimited access to me! Have a question, send me an email, as I am here to support you and guide you along on your health journey.

Follow Up

60 minutes
In person or virtual

Follow ups are necessary to track the progress that you've been making, and to keep you successfully moving forward.

  • functional exam or muscle testing
  • How are you feeling? 
  • What's been challenging?
  • Where have you been successful?
  • Do you need further supplementation or nutritional support?

We'll talk about and adjust your current protocol as necessary, and send you on your way towards being successful and well supported!


    The Basic - Package

    1 Initial Consultation +
    1 Functional Exam +
    2 follow up visits

    When you know you have some work to do on your health, a package is a great way to start. 

    The Basic is a nice way to introduce nutritional therapy into your life. It's a way to ease into being on a supplement schedule and nutrition protocol. We will have you making beautiful, healthy nutrition, and lifestyle changes in no time!

    *All 3 visits must be redeemed within 75 days


      All In - Package

      1 Initial Consultation +
      1 Functional Exam +
      4 follow up visits

      The All In is perfect for the athlete who is always training or for those who need the consistent support during their training and racing season.

      Want to run a marathon or ride a 1-day STP?

      Consistency is key when there is a specific goal in mind. The All In is perfect long term solution to maintaining health and balance during your training.

      *All 6 visits must be redeemed within 150 days



        * Please wear comfortable, loose clothing, such as yoga pants or workout clothing, for all functional exams, muscle testing, and follow up appointments. Thank you! 


        I believe that properly fueling an
        athlete is extremely important to
        achieving their best performance.


        I also believe that fueling athletes with real, whole foods and creating good eating habits will have an impact on the rest of their lives.