Nutritional Therapy believes that optimal health is built on 5 primary biochemical Foundations.

  1. Digestion

  2. Blood Sugar Regulation

  3. Fatty Acid Balance

  4. Mineral Balance

  5. Hydration

The primary focus of Nutritional Therapy is to give the body the nutrients it needs by optimizing nutrition and digestion. Nutritional Therapy uses the body's innate intelligence to understand what it wants and needs. The body is so beautifully smart that it will actually tell you what it needs, if you listen. My job is to help you listen to your body. Next, when we give the body the building blocks that it needs, it will beautifully repair itself and enter into a state of balance.

As athletes, when we train and compete we put alot of stress on the body which is why it is so valuable to be balanced. Balance through proper nutrition will allow for greater gains in performance, less inflammation in the body, greater focus, improved mental clarity, quality sleep, and timely recovery just to name a few benefits.

So how do we know what listening to the body sounds like or looks like? We listen to the body via way of the Functional Evaluation.


Functional Evaluation

The Functional Evaluation (FE) process is very unique to Nutritional Therapy. It uses a variety of hands-on evaluations to determine if there is a deficiency in the body and what nutrients (food or supplementation) will work for the client.

The FE works hand-in-hand with Lingual-Neuro Testing.

Lingual-Neuro Testing (LNT), is an integral part of the Functional Evaluation process as it uses powerful biofeedback abilities of the tongue and the brain to help identify deficiencies in the body. It works in a way that helps the body choose the specific bio-individual nutrients needed to bring a client back into balance. The body communicates this message via the Central Nervous System and Vagus nerve.


  1. Identifying and quantifying weaknesses and imbalances throughout the body.

  2. Enabling individualized nutrition and supplementation recommendations and lifestyle protocols necessary to improve performance and restore health. 

  3. Allowing long-term documentation of changes in the body’s systems, demonstrating effectiveness and increasing client commitment to nutrition protocols.

The ability to Lingual-Neuro test is a tremendous tool that we will use in our time together to uncover your bio-individual needs to help your body repair, recover, and perform at its best!

A Nutritional Therapy Practitioner (or NTP® for short), is a nutritional therapist certified by the Nutritional Therapy Association, Inc. to evaluate nutritional needs and make recommendations for dietary changes, helping clients balance body chemistry and achieve optimal wellness.

NTPs are not trained to diagnose or treat pathological conditions, illnesses, injuries, or diseases.


Maryam Amirpour

Sports Conditioning
Weight Management
Strength Training

Maryam is a former competitive swimmer who has found that ropes resistance training mimics moving against water. She brings a determined, but encouraging energy to all her clients and classes.

Aksel Sørensen

Strength Training
Senior Fitness

Aksel’s grandfather introduced weightlifting to him at an early age, so it’s no surprise that he went on to compete nationally. He approaches his own training with patience and resolve and brings that same attitude to his clients.

Maiv Thao

Functional Training
Fitness & Nutrition
Marathon Training

Maiv is addicted to fruits, vegetables, and marathons. During individual sessions, she also trains alongside you, so you never feel like you’re working out alone.

Joel Washington

Sports Conditioning
Strength & Resistance Training
Orthopedic Exercise

With a background in gymnastics, Joel has a passion for applying his experience to helping you develop lean muscle and healthy joints.