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What is Nutritional Therapy?

Nutritional Therapy believes that optimal health is built on 5 primary biochemical Foundations:

1) Digestion
2) Blood Sugar Regulation
3) Fatty Acid Balance
4) Mineral Balance
5) Hydration

All of which rest upon eating a nutrient-dense, properly prepared diet.

The primary focus of Nutritional Therapy is to give the body the nutrients it needs by optimizing nutrition and digestion. When one eats—and more importantly, absorbs—the right things, health naturally follows. The body is blessed with innate wisdom; given the proper building blocks, it will naturally rebalance itself.

As athletes, when we train and compete it can be extremely valuable to have balance in the body. Balance through proper nutrition will allow for greater gains in performance, focus and mental clarity, timely recovery, and less inflammation build up in the body. And yes, all of this can be done through nutritional therapy.

A Nutritional Therapy Practitioner (or NTP® for short), is a nutritional therapist certified by the Nutritional Therapy Association, Inc. to evaluate nutritional needs and make recommendations for dietary changes, helping clients (NTPs do not have “patients”) balance body chemistry and achieve optimal wellness.

NTPs are not trained to diagnose or treat pathological conditions, illnesses, injuries, or diseases.


The benefits of muscle testing for athletes:

  • Experience weight loss or muscle gain
  • Learn to be fat-adapted & burn fat for fuel
  • Reduce inflammation in the body
  • Mineral & electrolyte balance
  • Healthy digestion & happy gut flora 
  • Increased mental clarity & focus
  • Identifying food sensitivities & airborne stressors

AK Muscle Testing

Applied Kinesiology Muscle Testing is a form of communication from within the body. It is a communicating signal that starts in the brain sending a signal to the Central Nervous System (CNS) which then signals the muscle. It is a way of listening to the body as it tells us where it is weak or stressed (ie, poor digestion, leaky gut, adrenal stress, insulin resistance) and where it needs support.

By supporting the weakened systems of the body we can work towards a feeling of balance and homeostasis.

Supporting the body w/ supplementation is also determined through muscle testing. The body will test positive for supplementation that makes it feel strong. The body is extremely intelligent and will tell you what it wants in order to heal and be supported, as long as you listen. My job is to help you listen and hear what your body is saying.

Athletes, you too can benefit greatly from muscle testing. While it is not about the strength or size of you muscles, it is about the communication signals coming from the brain. Weakness experienced in muscle testing is merely weakness that is happening internally in the body. To maintain and keep a healthy balance of the body should be the goal of every athlete on their athletic journey.