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Lingual-Neuro Testing (LNT)

Lingual-Neuro Testing (LNT), is an integral part of the Functional Evaluation process that uses the powerful biofeedback abilities of the tongue to help practitioners identify deficiencies and choose the bioindividual-specific nutrients needed to bring a client back into balance. For the sake of limiting variables, the LNT process typically involves the testing of specific nutrients or supplements. However, practitioners are encouraged to LNT with a variety of real foods, sea salts, etc.

More than just sensing taste, the nerves in the tongue act somewhat like a “barcode scanner” telling the brain what specific nutrients are found in a given food or supplement, then communicating this information with the entire body via the Central Nervous System and Vagus nerve.


  1. Identifying and quantifying weaknesses and imbalances throughout the body.
  2. Enabling individualized nutrition and supplement recommendations and lifestyle protocols necessary to restore vibrant health.
  3. Allowing long-term documentation of changes in the body’s systems, demonstrating effectiveness and increasing client commitment to protocols.

The ability to Lingual-Neuro test provides a Nutritional Therapist with a tremendous tool to access nutritional needs w/ respect to the biochemical individuality of their clients.