Seattle: Paleo and Healthy Eats

As a child growing up, the idea of “going out to eat” was a luxury for me and my family. Restaurants were usually picked by which holiday or occasion was approaching. Of course we had our favorites, and usually we ate at the same places every Easter, Christmas, and most birthdays. We lived in a small town, resources were limited, and we were creatures of habit.

Seattle is nothing short of good restaurants, good food, and quality resources and ingredients. In fact, in the last 2 years alone there seems to have been an abundance of healthy, fresh, vegan, paleo friendly, farm-to-table restaurants opening up all over the city. It’s actually made it fun to be someone with dietary restrictions, because now someone was actually catering to them.

Whether you have dietary restrictions, food intolerances, or you prefer to eat a particular diet, I’ve compiled a short list of some of my favorite healthy and paleo friendly restaurants.

Lucky Santo.

Opening in early 2019, this has become a huge favorite among my local nutritionist colleagues. Oh, and it’s down the street from my house. The space has so much natural light, that it matches the quality of the food. Fresh, healthy, satisfying. From smoothies, to bone broth, homemade Pho w/ zucchini noodles, handmade cassava flour tortillas, and paleo brownies, Lucky Santo should be 1st on your list like it is mine. They also offer a Whole30 approved menu. Ugh, I love this place!

Frankie and Jos

One of the best things to happen to Seattle in a long time. Quality, dairy-free, ice cream that is not soy based. It’s like music to my ears! F&J created a cashew + coconut base for their mouth watering plant based, gluten-free ice cream flavors. They’ve created seasonal monthly flavors that rotate at the beginning of every month. They are pushing the envelope on flavors, ingredients, and sourcing from local collaborators.

My favorites are Gingered Golden Milk, Mint Brownie, and Brown Sugar Vanilla.

Capitol Hill, Ballard, and Shoreline locations.

Portage Bay

“Eat Like You Give A Damn” is there slogan. Portage Bay was one of the very first gluten-free restaurants I found when I first moved to Seattle 9 years ago. It is still one of my favorites and it never disappoints. While it is not a truly GF facility, it does have many options on the menu.

PB is my go-to for breakfast and brunch in the city. The menu is full of so many options! The Farmer’s Hash, Joe’s Scramble or the Vegan Banana Pancakes will always be on my order. Their is an insane amount of Benedicts on the menu to choose from as well as a Breakfast Bar which is a toppings bar full of fresh berries, nuts, fresh whipping cream, 100% organic maple syrup, and other yummy toppings.

Open for breakfast, brunch, and lunch.

Roosevelt, Ballard, 65th, and SLU (South Lake Union) locations.

Flying Apron

The donuts and cinnamon rolls here are legit. Flying Apron is a vegan and GF bakery hosting to a plethora of dietary intolerances, and the baked goods taste damn good!

My husband and I had our wedding cake made by Flying Apron. We still get compliments on it to this day! And every year we order mini cupcakes of


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Niche Gluten Free Cafe & Bakery

Capitol Hill, Seattle University

Worth Mentioning

Gracia Seattle

Moshi Moshi

Whole Foods Hot Bar

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