What is functional nutrition?

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I know that many of you have been curious at to what I've been up to lately now that school is over. I feel like can show my face around town and hang out again. All of the studying for finals had me holed up inside my house or in the corner of a coffee shop like a hermit. Ugh, not my style.

Which I'd like to personally thank Miir and Anchored Ship for the endless decaf hemp milk cappucinos. Yes, I said decaf. Too much caffeine and I can't be productive, but just a hint of caffeine and I'm on top of the world!

So now that school is over, what am I up to?

Well, I'm working towards starting a business in functional sports nutrition. I can't wait to share with clients they ways in which they can use food as medicine and support for their body and their body's needs while also improving performance. I think more often than not when we feel sick or have aches and pains we just default to taking a trip to our general practitioner's office. I don't know about you, but I'm tired of someone trying to repeatedly fix my symptoms when they should really be addressing the root cause of my problems.

Functional Nutrition is here to change that.

Nutritional Therapy (aka functional nutrition) uses real whole foods to help heal and balance the body. It's a way of addressing many root causes in the body instead of just working around symptoms. A little known fact, most of it always begins in the gut, with our digestion. 

Bio-individuality also plays a large role in functional nutrition. Each one of us will have different and varied nutritional needs. My needs will be much different than your needs especially when we talk about fueling for fitness and performance. I'm sorry to break it to you, but there isn't a ONE SIZE FITS ALL when it comes to nutrition.

However, this is why functional nutrition is so freaking cool.

We get to see what works best for each one of us!

In my practice I perform a functional exam using hands-on palpations &  muscle testing techniques that will allow me to address your health concerns and nutritional needs. It is here that we are able to pin point specific foods and supplementation needs necessary to balance your body and bring you closer to optimal wellness.

Following nutritional protocols is another part of the success in healing and balancing the body with functional nutrition. The body can tell us if it needs zinc, magnesium, or sea salt. But in order to balance and repair the body, we must follow a nutrition protocol written out for us with how to supplement for those particular minerals and nutrients.

If we don't put in the work we will not get the desired results.

For my athletes, when your body is in a state of balance you will not only be working with great power and strength, but you may notice increased energy, better sleep patterns, improved mental clarity and focus, as well as optimal recovery times. 

Now tell me one athlete who wouldn't want that?!