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I use a bio-individual approach when setting up your nutrition plan, taking into account your sport, your goals, and your current health status.

You are an athlete. Your nutrition and fueling needs are much greater and unique than the average person standing across from you. You put in hard work and you give great intensity in your athletic efforts. Properly fueling your body to sustain that power, intensity, and to avoid injury should be at the top of your list.




Together we address your TBI and mild concussion symptoms through proper nutrition and supplementation that’s right for you.

Reduce your symptoms and systemic inflammation by reducing refined sugars, processed carbohydrates, and poor quality fats in your diet (hydrogenated and rancid).

There are many variables to look at when addressing recovery and repair for a head injury.

Nutrition is just the beginning. 


“Laura is very conscientious and works diligently to find solutions so that she can help direct me to meet my health goals. She is great at listening to my concerns, and always makes me feel like a winner. I love the improvements I’ve made while working with Laura.
Plus she is just a super nice person!”

C. Steiner


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J. Smith