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Hi! I'm Laura McQueen, and I can’t wait to geek out with you on all things health and performance!

I’m a certified Nutritional Therapy Practitioner (NTP), holding certifications in Applied Kinesiology, and currently working my way through a Sports Nutrition certification with the ISSA (International Sports Sciences Association).

I help my clients improve their health in the areas of: injury recovery & prevention, concussion recovery, and sports nutrition.
I’m also the owner of The Good Repair.

I am a former marathoner and triathlete, and currently I strength train, crossfit, run, and road bike. I’ve experienced many aches and pains over the years from training, hammering out long distance events, and indulging in a poor diet along the way. During that time I lost my period (which my doctors could not explain), my marathon recovery times doubled, and I ate a diet solely focused on low fat or no fat in my food choices. In my 30’s I chose to change that. I sought out healthier nutrition practices for myself, and switched over to a Paleo Diet. It was not easy at first, but it changed my life!

The Paleo Diet helped me to kick cravings and eliminate unnecessary sugar that was hiding in my diet. My energy levels increased while inflammation in my body from training decreased. I currently eat a “modified” Paleo Diet as my body has greater needs for high and moderate glycemic (non-paleo) foods during specific training periods and recovery, but I always go back to the basic Paleo Diet principles otherwise.

I created The Good Repair as a way to use my personal and clinical experience to help you fine tune your nutrition needs in a healthy and holistic way that supports your performance and recovery (just like I did for myself!). Forget what you know about the food pyramid, because it doesn't even begin to address your bio-individual needs. Together we get to the root cause of your health concerns by looking at your current daily nutrition, areas of stress and stress management, your bedtime routine and sleep set up, reviewing the results of a 300+ sign/symptoms health questionnaire, and creating an agreed upon nutrition plan and supplement protocol that will have you feeling better than ever in no time.

Sound like something you’ve been looking for?!